“The manager is always welcoming and friendly. She is aware of any issues requiring discussion. The home has a positive atmosphere and the manager clearly has the residents’ best interests as her priority.”

“My relative feels very lucky to be at Northcote. The staff are dedicated and hardworking, any queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently. I feel the staff know my relative very well and treat him as an individual.”

“The place is beautiful.”

“This is gold standard care.”

“Everything is faultless here”

“We could not be happier with the care and attention our parent receives.”

Residents’ comments taken from a questionnaire asking about their move to Nortcote Lodge

“The staff are very good, I’m very happy.”

“The manager is an outstanding leader, her leadership has a domino effect throughout the home.”

“The staff are always happy and smiling and treat me really well, I’m sure they must all love their jobs and this is reflected in the care they give. It’s marvellous.”

“The food is fantastic.”

“I’m always treated with great respect.”

“The cleanliness is outstanding as is the food. There are beautiful gardens. There is a strong sense of calm and kindness here, it’s unique place.”

“Northcote is an outstanding home with an immense commitment to providing the highest standards of care. There is nothing that needs to change.”


Extract from the Care Inspection Report Summary

” We were strongly encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive responses within our Care Standards Questionnaires and directly from residents and relatives during the inspection itself.”

“Care staff were extremely knowledgeable and adopted a role of advocate and facilitator for those they cared for. The well used café area meant people could continue offering hospitality to their own visitors. Relatives reported feeling very comfortable and welcome within the home.”

“Staff supported people in their day to day life in a caring, professional manner. We could see that the staff team had excellent relationships with residents and their relatives. This meant the people were cared for in a respectful, compassionate and dignified way, reflecting the Health and Social Care Standards (HSCS). “

“The way people spend their day should promote feelings of purposefulness and wellbeing. We heard lots of very good feedback around the range of activities for people to choose from. This included lots of in-house activities such as arts and crafts, movie mornings, exercise groups and visiting entertainers. There were regular bus trips out and local walks.”